【Cheki Reservation】

2018/10/30 UP

【Cheki Reservation】

In case you make the reservation via e-mail


・Fill the email subject with the day of the performance
・Please specify how many Cheki you’d like to apply for as well as the name you want to have written on them.


Cheki reservation starts from a minimum of 6 files.


For example:
→ Subject
20XX.X.X live Cheki reservation
(Please, write the date as followed: year/month/day)


→ Main text
Name I’d like to have written: 〇〇
Number of cheki: 〇 files
(Please, specify the name of the member you want)


Please make reservations by 12PM on the day.

In the case you want cheki from two or more members, you cannot mix them (i.g., 3 You cheki and 3 Seiya cheki reservations would be invalid).


There must be at least 6 files per member (i.g., 6 You files and 6 Seiya files would be fine).
Note that once you’ve made the reservation you cannot change the member or cancel it. Nevertheless, there’s no problem in case you want to increase the number of reserved cheki.


If you have any question, please make your inquiry to

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.